Sunday, November 15, 2020

Facebook Unjustly Disabling Accounts

 A brief read of Reddit shows Facebook is disabling authentic accounts of real people with no justification, and then not setting things right by reactivating the accounts.

I suspect it is an algorithm that is being triggered by something innocent in ordinary user profiles. With no human to guide it, this automated process is disabling accounts right and left without issuing so much as a warning. This, would be grounds for a lawsuit as it is a violation of Facebook's own Community Standards requiring people to use their real identities.By using a bot to determine if an account is fake then Facebook is essentially using a fake Customer Service representative in the form of a bot. And this bot is making judgements only a real person should. The fact real humans are not making these decisions goes against Facebook's stand for authenticity. 

This is heart breaking. On Reddit are stories of accounts over a decade old being disabled. That means memories in the form of posts and photos are being lost. In addition, small businesses are losing a valuable place to advertise and be able to compete with the large chains. Facebook could be slitting it's own throat and losing millions in ad revenue.

My own account was disabled as I was trying to verify it using my driver's license. I had already verified my address. This account had been started because Facebook had locked me out of my account which I had had for 11 years following me changing two step verification. 

Similar stories abound on Reddit. They not respond to appeals despite notifications for my pages still going to my email accounts.;I wonder if I became a target for someone who reported my account as fake despite it being in existence 11 years, and then did so to my second account. However, it may be just the stupid bot. Regardless, people that are still on Facebook need to report this bug to Support. And those that have had their accounts disabled need to either file a class action lawsuit or contact the news media. One should not lose 11 years of memories because the Facebook AI is flawed. I started a petition to convince Facebook to change its policy. Please sign it at: 

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